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The first contact with your dentist is always very important – forming the foundation for mutual sympathy, confidence and the decision to improve things. While the professionals at SCHILL DENTAL CLINIC will make every effort to make sure that your smile is absolutely perfect, you will also learn how to care for your own teeth.

The initial exam is aimed at the diagnosis of all problems in the oral cavity. In addition to the standard questionnaire used by the physician to gain an overall view of the patient’s health conditions, the experts at SCHILL DENTAL CLINIC have at their disposal the latest diagnostic equipment. Digital x-ray is used to make the panoramic teeth series – to gain an overall overview of the condition of the upper and lower teeth, including the condition of the bone tissue. Smaller digital images are created for individual teeth to bring more detail of the tooth’s condition. You will have the opportunity to view the images on the display at the chair during each treatment.

A 3D x-ray is used for perfect planning of the surgical interventions in the oral cavity - a device found only in the top of the line dentistry clinics. It is priceless, for example, when planning the implants. Using a 3D image, a dentist has the opportunity to monitor the selected site, to see the thickness of the bone, any unevenness as well as the routing of blood vessels and nerves.

Diagnostic probes and mirrors are still irreplaceable in the dental diagnostic process. However, SCHILL DENTAL CLINIC is one of the few dental care facilities in Slovakia that uses laser equipment for accurate diagnosis of the cavities. DIAGNOdent can find changes in the dental tissue that are invisible to human eye, thus enabling the solution of the problem at early stages - an ideal solution to treatment of dental cavities.
The office hours of the professionals at SCHILL DENTAL CLINIC are adjusted to our busy patients and that is why the treatment schedule can be adjusted to your individual needs. We value the patient’s confidence and appreciate it and return it by our professional attitude.

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