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There are several types of dental replacements available in today's dentistry. Removable replacements - dentures are a big category. The role of dentures is to replace several teeth or even the complete row of missing teeth. Thanks to prosthesis bed on which the replacement is seated, it can replace teeth functionally and aesthetically. Dentures are made in our laboratory - a highly specialized workplace for preparing the dental replacements at our clinic. Honestly speaking, dentures usually do not reach the quality of fixed replacements. On another hand, dentures can be taken out, cleaned and then put back. In some cases the denture is the only solution for the patient, especially when there is a health constraint which does not allow us to use a fixed replacement. 

Most common dentures are:

  • partially removable dentures
  • completely removable dentures
  • other replacements (space-bars, silicon splinters...)

Partially removable dentures

This type is used when there is few teeth missing in the row, what means there are still some own teeth which are functional. Today's dentistry is aimed at saving your teeth for as long as possible - conservative dentistry is the main area trying to remain your own teeth due to health and aesthetic reasons. As for the partial denture - there is usually no need for any fixing creme or glue as the partial denture is fixed on teeth using a wire clip. An advantage of partial dentures is that in many cases there si no need for adjustment of remaining own teeth. They also fit well and adhere better. This way it is not a burden for the patient. The price is lower than the price of fixed replacements. 

Among best known are skeletal removable dentures. Usually they are made of an artificial resin having a metal reinforcement inside. This metal brace encircles the tooth, nails to it, thus enables minimum movement of the denture when used.

There is a flexible alternative to a fixed one - a flexible replacement.  This is a better option for the patients in many cases. The flexible denture does not have a metal brace, neither any metal clips. A disadvantage is faster deterioration and also the fact, that it is not suitable for everyone.


Fully removable dentures

This type of dentures are used when all the teeth are missing. The dentures are fixed on the gum. To be perfectly formed and to fit your mouth they have to be produced in the dental lab. The dental hygiene is necesaary at least twice a day or after every meal. An advantage is the price, however there are more disadvantages - it is not easy to get used to the denture, it can influence your pronunciation, it has weaker mechanic features and can worsen the perception of taste or temperature of the meal.  



Some clients take dentures for the final solution. Sometimes dentures are used only temporarily - e.g. before final dental implants. In this case the dentist uses so called space-bar, which has an aesthetic role as it is used mainly in the visible zone till the final crown for the implant is finally fixed. Silicon braces have similar function as space-bars.  


What are your frequent questions

Yes. There are so called hybrid dental replacement, which are able to connect an implant with the denture. It is actually possible to grip the denture onto 2 or 4 implants.  

In order to produce a well fitted denture that suits your mouth, it is necessary to produce it the laboratory. Production time is usually 2-4 weeks. However there is also an immediate replacement available which takes 24 hours to produce. It is often used as a fast and aesthetic solution after teeth extraction.



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