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DiagnoDent – better than experts

Increasingly more people want to have perfect teeth. Modern people take oral hygiene very seriously and do not underestimate the value of prevention and regular check-ups offered by their dentist. It is only natural, because the sooner a problem is discovered by the dentist, the less adverse the consequences will be. Until you know where the pathology occurred, you cannot begin to treat it.

DiagnoDent in Schill Dental Clinic

Traditional methods for diagnosing cavities are not always sufficiently accurate. The traditional instruments, for example, do not enable the examination of atypical fissures. That is why the present day diagnostic process is aided by a state-of-the-art laser detector DIAGNOdent. DIAGNOdent uses a harmless laser to detect changes in the structure of your dental structure. The detection is marked by an audible signal and displayed on the monitor. The laser measures the fluorescence of the dental structure. Using the specific wavelength that is generated by DIAGNOdent, a healthy tooth does not present any, or only minimal, fluorescence. However, a flawed tooth will present higher values. The more extensive the damage is, the higher the numeric value. Based on these results, your dentist will be able to provide better, and more accurate, identification of the problem and thereafter proceed with the treatment.

A great advantage of DIAGNOdent cavity diagnosis is in the early detection of the disease - through changes in the fluorescence values - while cavities may still be invisible. The human eye is capable of sensing only 57% of the capacity of DIAGNOdent.

Our dental centre enables our dentists to put this new progressive method of cavity detection into practice – for your health.