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Digital X – ray

DenOptix® digital x-ray– to see more, to know more

In the past traditional film was used by dentists to capture x-ray images. The development process was labour intensive and time consuming. Handling of the images was another issue. Digital x-ray brings an enormous advantage – no waiting for the image – in that it pops up on the monitor a few seconds after the scan, enabling enlargements, colour adjustment or detailed enhancement.

Digital dental X-Ray in Schill Dental Clinic

The resulting image is presented to the patient as a film printout or in electronic form - on a disk or other storage media. Digital imaging is not only fast but also lasting. In the past if the film was damaged, you had to repeat the x-ray scan and be exposed to additional radiation. After a few years, the film had less contrast, and the image was lost. But the digital x-ray image maintains its quality indefinitely. Digital x-ray is also environmentally friendly (eliminating the unnecessary printouts that ended up in the trash in the past where the decomposition process took decades).

The digital lens system enables the enlargement of important details – another advantage over traditional x-ray image. This allows for greater precision and higher detail, with less radiation, enabling your dentist to adopt a better, and more responsible, resolution with respect to further treatment.

DenOptix® reduces the level of harmful radiation by up to 50% compared to the traditional film-based x-ray devices.

Our dental centre offers its digital x-ray services to the public – even those who are not our regular patients.

Our patients obtain a panoramic x-ray scan as a standard part of their initial exam. This enables us to obtain a complete overview of the health of your teeth and the hard tissues of the upper and lower jaw.