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Dr. Patrik Baroš


Dr. Patrik Baroš is the head dentist at the Schill Dental Clinic in Žilina. He specializes in conservative dentistry and dental surgery.

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MDDr. Patrik Baroš

“We can help patients who have been told it is not possible”

He often solves the overall reconstruction of the teeth, when everything has to work as it should. He likes working with people and enjoys their reactions when they see a change in their smile: “I listen to patients and their concerns and describe the process of what is happening to them. They always appreciate it.”

At Schill Dental Clinic, he appreciates the most that it is a dental clinic where everything is under one roof. At the same time, there is friendly staff.

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Dentist’s work done to the maximum

He cares most about the quality of his work and his precision. Thanks to the fact that he always gives maximum in the dental office, he has gained the trust of many patients: “They often share their life stories and remember their previous dental treatments.”

Dr. Baroš always enjoyed biology and chemistry.

In private, he cares most about his family and his little son. He enjoys mountain biking, ski mountaineering, hiking, climbing, traveling.

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