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Dr. Lucie Irikovská


Dr. Lucie Irikovská is an orthodontist who restores people to a smile and a healthy self-confidence. She has been working at the Schill Dental Clinic in Bratislava since 2015.

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Ortodontiska Lucie Irikovská

“One should not be ashamed to smile”

Aligning teeth can work wonders. It restores people’s self-confidence and good mood. And that’s what she loves most about her job: “Young, unconscious girls come to me often and are ashamed to smile. After the treatment, they smile confidently … ”

“I recommend the private dental clinic Schill Dental Clinic mainly because the patient does not have to go anywhere (to see a surgeon or a conservation dentist), no exchange tickets and waiting. I will simply call a colleague from another specialization during the examination, we will consult and agree on the procedure, “adds Dr. Irikovská.

Ortodoncia v Schill Dental Clinic v Bratislave.

Orthodontics runs in the family

She was mainly inspired to dentistry by her aunt, who is also an orthodontist. When her mother, who is a nurse in the ambulance, said she wanted to go to medicine, her reaction was, “No way.”

Fortunately, she did not listen to her in any way and she has been successfully involved in dentistry since 2008, when she graduated from the 1st Faculty of Medicine at Charles University in Prague.

Outside of work, she enjoys sports and nature.

MUDr. Irikovská s pacientkou v ambulancii pri konzultácii zubného strojčeka.

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