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Dr. Paulína Rubická


Dr. Paulína Rubická has an innate sense of beauty and is behind the smiles that many long for. She specializes in aesthetic dentistry and endodontics.

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Schill Košice

Every problem = a new experience

She is always curious about what dental problem the patient comes with. She enjoys designing an ideal treatment plan and gaining new experience.

As a 9-year-old, she suffered an injury to her anterior upper tooth, and this may be one of the reasons why she specializes in aesthetic dentistry. “I want to make sure that the patient feels comfortable at the dental clinic, that nothing hurts and that he is informed about every dental procedure. Since I focus on the aesthetics, I am glad if the smile of the patient attracts other satisfied clients, “she describes her work.

Stomatologička v Schill Dental Clinic Košice.

“Clients say I have the gift of speech”

Her approach to clients is not only professional, but also psychological. She considers dental treatment of a patient with Down syndrome, whose entire teeth have been repaired, to be his most complicated case.

“Schill Dental Clinic provides quality dental treatment, a 5-year warranty, a very skilled dental team, a professional approach to patients and modern dental clinic equipment,” he explains his decision to join the team.

She loves to bake, she does hiking, swimming, ice skating, oil painting and puzzle making, but only if she has at least 2,000 pieces.

Schill Košice

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