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Dr. Roman Petryshche


Slovak, English, Ukrainian, Russian

Dr. Roman Petryschche is our doctor at Schill Dental Clinic in Bratislava. He cares about one hundred percent patient satisfaction, so he always thoroughly analyzes his work during the entire treatment process.

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Dr Petryshche patrí k našim top odborníkom

Some patients simply do not believe that their problem can be solved. For me, the biggest challenge is to prove the opposite to them and improve their quality of life.

Dr. Petrysche specializes in prosthetics and dental surgery at our dental clinic in Bratislava. In his profession, he loves working with people the most. During the actual meetings with patients in the office, he enjoys the enormous variety that dentistry brings. Each patient comes with a completely different problem and in a different state.

He always analyzes the work done precisely. His patients can be sure that they will receive the highest professional quality from the doctor.

Dr Roman Petryshche

His natural interest in dental health has always drawn him to the dental profession. The most complicated case he remembers was a patient with complete atrophy of both the upper and lower jaw. Thanks to a precise approach and skillful hands, Dr. Petryshche succeeded in completely reconstructing the dentition and thus returning it to functional and aesthetic parameters.

My first memory associated with the dentist? It is from my childhood, when my milk tooth had to be extracted.

The doctor is extrovert, cheerful and goal-oriented, which is almost the perfect equipment of a good dentist. In addition to his craft, he is also good at cycling.


Dr Petryshche patrí k našim top odborníkom

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