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Dr. Sándor Domsitz


Dr. Sándor Domsitz belongs to the team of dentists Schill Dental Clinic in Bratislava. He relies mainly on precision and this is also the reason for the great satisfaction of his patients.

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MDDr. Sandor Domistz

“Every case is a new challenge”

The most important thing for him is to do a precise 100% job, which he also learned from his mentors at the Schill Dental Clinic: “I am very happy when satisfied people leave my office, smiling with the words: Doctor, I want to come to you next time.”

According to him, the patient should choose the Schill Dental Clinic due to the expertise of dentists, quality work and a 5-year warranty. “We help everyone who comes to our clinic. We work here as a very good team and in difficult cases we help each other and consult everything, “he adds at the end.

MDDr. Sandor Domsitz

“I wanted a job that would be fun for me all my life”

He already knew that he wanted to become a dentist as a high school student. He wanted to help people and have a job that would always be interesting to him.

He considers a patient with a huge fear of dentists to be his most complicated case. On the first visit, a patient didn’t even want to sit in a chair, he just stood by the window and showed me his teeth.

In his private life, he enjoys sports, reading, watching movies, traveling, spending time with family and friends.

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