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Dr. Simona Kelemenová


Empathetic approach to patients is important to Dr. Kelemenova and working at the Schill Dental Clinic therefore means a lot to her, not only professionally but also humanly.

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MDDr. Kelemenová

“Painless dentistry” is a priority

The fear of the dentist is nothing new. Fortunately, dentistry has advanced significantly in recent times, and the Schill Dental Clinic, along with it. Pain is beginning to be a thing of the past. “Until recently, many dental procedures were performed without anesthesia. Today, our priority is, among other things, painless dentistry, which is why I often find that patients fall asleep on chairs and like to return. However, trust between the patient and the doctor is also very important for a positive experience, ” Dr. Kelemenová explains.

MDDr. Simona Kelemenová v ambulancii.

Practice full of technology

She had the opportunity to try out several modern technologies at the clinic, and joining the Schill Dental Clinic meant the best possible transition from theory to practice: “Learning something in school in theory is much easier than doing it in practice. You already need enough skill and perseverance to do that. Such a transition requires great patience, perseverance and humility. In addition, you are inspired by an excellent team, which puts patient satisfaction first. ”

MDDr. Kelemenová v Schill Dental Clinic v Bratislave.

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