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Dr. Soňa Schnellyová


Dr. Soňa Schnellová was fascinated by "dentistry" as a child. You won't even know how, your dental problems will go away and you will have a beautiful smile on your lips.

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MDDr. Soňa Schnellyová zubárka

A combination of complex dental surgery and maximum comfort

She considers extensive and complex dental rehabilitations to be a demanding, but at the same time the greatest dental experience, which often requires the consultation of several doctors within the dental clinic. “Even the most difficult dental case is resolved and the patient is absolutely satisfied. It is very important for me that every patient feels comfortable and comfortable in the chair and that the dental treatment is painless. I try to ensure maximum comfort for everyone “, he says of his work.

MDDr. Soňa Schnellyová zubárka

“In dentistry, I like the combination of medicine and the need for manual skills”

As a child, she brought her dentist a painted picture of teeth, which she later hung on a bulletin board. Her older brother is a dentist and that is also the reason why she went this route. “I try to improve every day and be one step closer to being great at the work I do,” she adds.

She likes communication with patients, their sincere satisfaction and the feeling that her work will help them with problems. In her free time she bakes, spends time in nature, with family and friends.

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