Dr. Tamara Bučková


Dr. Tamara Bučková always cares that the result of dental treatment is perfect in all respects - from a functional and aesthetic point of view. She specializes in conservative dentistry and simpler surgeries.

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MDDr. Tamara Bučková

“I have met patients of different ages and problems”

During her two-year internship, she also managed to gain experience with pediatric patients: “This is mainly about gaining trust and a demonstration of what will be done during dental treatment. The basis, then, is to rid the child of fear, because only with full cooperation a perfect result can  be achieved. ”

With adult patients, she often encounters problems with unmanaged dental hygiene. Another group are patients who have lost their teeth for various reasons. If, from a financial point of view, they cannot afford to invest in implants, Dr. Bučková is always looking for a suitable alternative for them: “In practice, I most often make photocomposite fillings, a relatively frequent dental procedure is also endodontic treatment, crown prostheses, partially removable and total replacements. In situations where it is necessary, I extract the teeth. “

MDDr. Tamara Bučková je stomatologička v Schill Dental Clinic v Žiline.

The dentist should have an empathetic approach to people

She likes her job best if she manages to relieve the patient of the fear of dental treatment he has suffered most of his life. “Meetings with patients are not only about the dental treatment itself, we can also talk about common things in life,” he adds.

Apart from work, she enjoys various sports activities – cycling, skating, horseback riding and she also enjoys cooking.

MDDr. Bučková a sestrička v ambulancii.

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