White Fillings

Composite Fillings

Using the most modern composite materials - white fillings, a skilled physician can create fillings that fully replace the lost part of the tooth functionally and aesthetically. This applies equally to the front and back teeth.


Advantages of Composite Fillings

  • Fillings are very strong and stable
  • They are manufactured in a wide range of colour shades
  • Maximum care is taken during preparation – only as much of the tooth is
    removed as it corresponds to the tooth decay
  • Also suitable for visible parts of teeth to meet high aesthetic demands


Composite Fillings are a Standard

White dental fillings have been used for years as a tooth filling after removing tooth
decay and they have a history. The composite filling is considered to be one of the
best quality materials currently available. In addition to price and aesthetics,
durability and its health aspects play an important role. Compared to other filling
materials, the composite is a very reliable material. The practical side is also
important – the patient can eat immediately after leaving the dental chair.


What are your most frequent questions?

In addition to the composite fillings, we also know silver amalgam fillings, ceramic
fillings and glass ionomer cements. For more information about materials and their
benefits visit the caries treatment page.

The White filling can be assessed with regards to aesthetics, positive and negative health and environmental impacts, resistance and durability.

The advantage of the white filling is not only the aesthetically natural colour of the tooth, but also the non-irritating material and the fact that it does not burden the environment. At the Schill Dental Clinic, we only use the most modern and high-quality dental filling materials.

A glass ionomer filling is considered to be a longer-term provisional solution. In dental practice, it is not considered to be a permanent filling material - over time it will be "bitten out" and in a few years’ time it must either be covered with a composite filling or recreated. It is also a less aesthetic material compared to the composite filling. On the contrary, thanks to its properties, the composite filling is considered to be a permanent filling.



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