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We guarantee our work
with our 5-year warranty

Cenník zubár Schill

Our work is guaranteed

We take care of your teeth as if they were our own. That’s why we know, your teeth will remain healthy and beautiful.

  • We make sure the examination is taken care of.
  • Our doctors are professionals/top experts.
  • Using durable and proven materials.
  • Repairing any defects free of charge.
Cenník zubár Schill

What does the warranty cover?

Our warranty we guarantee, with our job being always done on 100%. Whenever something is bothering you, doesn’t fit or have a bad feeling about it, please come visit us and we will take care of you.

Free fixation:

  • A chipped facet
  • A chipped crown
  • A dropped seal
  • A loose denture

The warranty does not apply to accidental damages. But even in that case, we will help you.

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We have only one condition

Our work will last for a very long time, if you take a good care of your teeth. Thats why we recommend you to visit us 2x a year.

  • 1x a year for a preventive
  • 1x a year for dental hygiene

Thats how your teeth will stay healthy and beautiful. And we guarantee you with our 5-year warranty. 


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Dentálna hygienička s pacientkou pri dentálnej hygiene.
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