We are accepting new patients. Dental emergency during free days in Bratislava. Call 02 5464 7417 and speak with the doctor directly.

Dental emergency during the weekend In Bratislava
+421 2 5464 7417
0903 280 280

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Because pain can be surprising 

We will treat you during the weekend and holidays in Bratislava throughout prescribed office hours:

Saturday 10:00 – 15:00

Sunday 10:00 – 15:00

Cenník zubár Schill

When is it better not to postpone the treatment and call us right away?

  • in case of severe, unbearable toothache
  • in case of pain and swelling around the roots of the teeth, especially if the swelling is on the palate and extends into the throat area
  • in the case of a knocked out / broken tooth
  • in case of traveling and having severe problems

Weekend dental emergency in Schill Dental Clinic

If you have an unexpected toothache over the weekend, or you simply don’t have time during the week, feel free to dial one of the above telephone numbers. Our team of specialists will take care of you in the pleasant environment of the Schill Dental Clinic near Karloveské rameno, for as long as necessary. This service is charged € 100.

Important notice

You need to call first. You will make an appointment directly with the doctor, so that you do not have to wait.


Parking options

Park in the parking lot near the clinic. If the car park is occupied, continue to the Družba college, where there is a paid car park. The first hour is free, each additional hour is charged 1 € / hour. Please ask for a stamp on your parking ticket at the reception and parking will be free.

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Dentálna hygienička s pacientkou pri dentálnej hygiene.
Primár Alexander Schill
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