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Pricelist of our Dental Services

As for your health, you deserve the best possible care. Do you agree? Pay us a visit and experience professional dentistry without pain in a pleasant environment.

Lekár vysvetlí cenu zubného ošetrenia

Dental hygiene

Clean teeth do not decay. And the fresh feeling you have after the professional cleaning is worth it.

Dental hygiene ? The price of treatment depends on level of teeth contamination and number of teeth treated. Dental hygiene includes removal of plaque using ultrasound and hand tools, enamel polishing and painless fluoridation. We offer also sandblasting to remove surface pigmentation.
from 70 € to 170 €
Teeth whitening ? Whitening does not damage tooth enamel. You have more options to choose from. Print-based splints and whitening gels are tailor-made. Whitening is domestic or combined, that consists of home and ordination phases.
from 389 € to 577 €

Preventive care

Early discovery of a tooth decay does not hurt. We will find even the little ones you can hardly see and treat them on time, before they start worrying you.

Preventive examination ? In case of repeated examinations after half a year, at low risk of caries, without a need of X-ray images: from 24 € Preventive examination with 2 x bitewing images: 64 € Preventive examination with 2 x bitewings and 1 x panoramic image: 111 € You should visit the preventive examination twice a year. We will solve your simple teeth deficiencies immediately.
from 24 €
New patient examination including X-ray ? Dental diagnostic including panoramatic X-ray and expert consultation.
69 €
Bite - wing RTG ? t is used to detect interdental caries. We need one on each side of the mouth, sometimes more.
from 20 €
Panorama X-ray ? For proper diagnosis, it is important to see roots of the teeth and bones. A panoramic X-ray is used for this.
47 €
CT - 3D ? 3D picture gives us precise information on the bone structure and is mostly done before surgery treatments. We can perform any X-ray or CT examination also for those who are not our patients.
111 €

Trying to figure out the exact price? Visit us personally.

Remote estimate of the cost of treatment is never perfect. Book a short consultation with us. Using x-ray and CT scan our specialist will tell you the exact price.

Restorative dentistry

The most beautiful teeth are those which are healthy. We will look after keeping your own teeth for as long as possible.

Endodontics (cleaning of 1 canal) ? Canal treatment is one of the most complicated procedures, therefore it is performed exclusively under the microscope. Price depends on the number of canals. One canal costs 352 € in total. Teeth have from 1 to 4 root canals, occasionally more canals. Price does not include final crown. Multiple canal pricing is not a multiple of 1 root canal, it is lowered by selected performances that are charged only once.
from 352 €
White filling ? Depending on the size of the cavity, the price may be up to 246 € for complicated work and additional anesthesia.
from 82 €

Dental surgery

You can trust our dental surgeons. Dr. Alexander Schill treats the most complicated cases personally.

Tooth extraction ? Simple tooth extraction, price includes local anaesthesia, removal of single root tooth and a treatment of extraction site. In case of multiple extractions, anesthesia is charged only once. The price of local anesthesia is 18 €.
from 50 €
Extraction of a wisdom tooth (complicated procedure) ? A complicated extraction of wisdom tooth embedded in bone, including anesthesia.
from 334 €
Dental implant Meissinger, surgical part ? 655 €  is the price of the implant itself and its emplacement. The following is not included and is necessary: local anesthesia, X-ray after insertion of the implant, insertion of the healing roller - the final price for one implant is 784 €. For multiple implants anesthesia and X-ray are charged only once.
from 655 €
Dental implant Straumann, surgical part ? 1 180 € is the price of the implant itself. The following is necessary and not included: local anesthesia, X-ray after insertion of the implant, insertion of the healing roller - the final price for one implant is 1 309 €.  For multiple implants anesthesia and X-ray are charged only once.
from 1 180 €
Periodontal surgery ? Our surgeons deal with the whole spectrum of procedures. We will discuss with you the price of procedures that you need.
from 144 €
Augmentation (bone filling) ? The price depends on health of the bone and on type of the procedure. The doctor will discuss the details with you.
from 218 €

Aesthetic dentistry

Do you know that your teeth make 70 % of your first impression? We will help you shine.

Veneers ? Price listed is for one veneer. Usually patients require 6 to 8 veneers.
from 549 €
Ceramic crowns ? The price depends on the type of crown. Ceramic crowns are the most common, zirconium crowns are the most expensive.
from 549 €
Ceramic fillings ? The price depends on the size and material. Consult your dentist.
from 505 €


Smile without being shy. Bite an apple and enjoy biting without any worries.

Implant-supported dentures (All on 4 and All on 6) ? The price of fixed dentures depends on many factors. Book your appointment and consult your dentist.
consult with your doctor please
Total removable dental prosthesis ? There are other options. An experienced doctor will suggest you the best solution.
516 €
Dental bridge ? The price of bridges depends on many factors. Book your appointment and consult your dentist.
consult with your doctor pleasei
Metal-ceramic crown ? The crown is made in the laboratory thanks to prints that have been taken before.
from 411 €
Ceramic crown during one visit - CEREC ? The crown is made in dental office during your visit based on scans and 3D modeling. Price depends on selected material. Excludes local anesthesia and minor ancillary procedures.
from 505 €

Paediatric dentistry

Let your children have a happy memory of their dentist. Accompany them to the Schill Dental Clinic.

Entry examination for children ? Panoramatic X-ray is not included.
22 €
Preventive examination for children ? Panoramatic X-ray is not included.
17 €
Children’s dentistry 1/2 hour ? A little patient is demanding, needs more time and understanding even in small interventions. They often spend only half an hour with us and your visits can be repeated.
139 €
General anaesthesia for children (first 2 hours) ? Under the supervision of an experienced anaesthesiologist. Every additional hour is 150 €.
300 €


We will treat you in peace and without any pain. An anesthesiologist with a 20 year experience is an important part of our team.

General anaesthesia (first 2 hours, then 150€ for each additional hour started) ? Under the supervision of an experienced anaesthesiologist. Every additional hour is 150 €.
300 €
Local anaesthesia ? Different procedures require different types of anaesthesia. Your doctor will gladly explain.
from 18 € to 23 €

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  • When I visited this clinic I found out, that they can cure also long-lasting problems with your teeth, and cure them very quickly. And painlessly! They really listen to you and care about you. I have never smiled like this before. Thank you!!! 🙂


  • The visit of this clinic was very pleasant. Beautiful, modern ambient, kind and helpful staff. The treatment was painless and high quality. I’d like to pick up modern technologies and high standard cervices – my new crown was made during one visit. Thank you very much 🙂 I highly recommend!


  • I would like to thank the entire staff of the clinic from the amazing, hardworking and nice girls at the reception who keep smiles on their faces even when they have their hands full, through nice helpful and amusing nurses who played good music or talked with me while waiting for the doctor, especially Dr. Masood Dehghan, who currently works in Prague, Dr. Simona Kelemenová and most recently Dr. Paľo Čurilla, both from the Bratislava branch, for a really human approach, professionalism at work, advice, friendliness and always a good atmosphere.

    pacient SCHILL

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