Dental surgery All procedures under one roof

  • All dental surgery procedures under one roof
  • Modern equipment and methods – fast, accurate and painless
  • We can deal with very complicated cases
  • You will have your beautiful smile back soon

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Why visit several dental offices?

At Schill Dental Clinic you have your dentist and dental surgeon under one roof. We will book your appointments so that you do not have to travel to multiple offices.

We carry our painless tooth extraction, bone replacement, implants, and gum correction all under one roof. We have an experienced anesthesiologist in our team, so you can have your treatment under general anesthesia if you wish.

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Alexander Schill

You deserve top-quality care

  • Appointments within 48 hours
  • Five-year guarantee
  • Experienced anaesthesiologist on the team
  • Modern methods and equipment

Get to know the Schill Dental Clinic team

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They are among the top dentists in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

The whole team of MUDr. Schill

How much do dental surgery procedures cost?

We will discuss the treatment plan with you and choose an option most suited to your teeth and budget.

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We can help anyone. Why not you?

Soon you will look in the mirror and see a beautiful set of teeth, we will make sure of it. We will extract teeth that cannot be saved and replace them.

Every day we solve complicated cases. We have 20 years of experience and use modern methods and technologies. Our dental surgeons have clients from the US and Australia. They come all this way because they know that we will give them their smile back.

We can help you too.

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Our dentists make miracles happen

Zuby pred opravou
Zuby po oprave


Dental hygiene, tooth reconstruction.

Muž pred ošetrením zubov
Muž po ošetrení zubov


Dental hygiene, tooth reconstruction.

Premena zuby
Premena zuby


Dentální hygiena, rekonstrukce chrupu.

Zuby pred zákrokom
Zuby po zákroku


Dental hygiene, tooth reconstruction.

One hour and we are done


Park your car right in the building.

4 minutes


Would you like a coffee? We will make it for you at the reception.

1 minute


We will apply anaesthesia and wait for it to start working. The procedure is painless.

5 minutes


Thanks to our experience and modern technologies we work fast and accurately. The duration depends on the procedure.

15–45 minutes


Pay at the reception and leave with a beautiful smile.

3 minutes

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Our work as seen by our clients What do our clients say about us?

  • It is absolutely different here, not only the approach of doctors, but also of assistants and receptionists. These are equally important as others and without them, it just wouldn’t work. I liked that it was easy to agree on a date that suits me. Since the arrival on the clinic, till the treatment, I felt excellent.


  • When I visited this clinic I found out, that they can cure also long-lasting problems with your teeth, and cure them very quickly. And painlessly! They really listen to you and care about you. I have never smiled like this before. Thank you!!! 🙂


  • The visit of this clinic was very pleasant. Beautiful, modern ambient, kind and helpful staff. The treatment was painless and high quality. I’d like to pick up modern technologies and high standard cervices – my new crown was made during one visit. Thank you very much 🙂 I highly recommend!


  • I would like to thank the entire staff of the clinic from the amazing, hardworking and nice girls at the reception who keep smiles on their faces even when they have their hands full, through nice helpful and amusing nurses who played good music or talked with me while waiting for the doctor, especially Dr. Masood Dehghan, who currently works in Prague, Dr. Simona Kelemenová and most recently Dr. Paľo Čurilla, both from the Bratislava branch, for a really human approach, professionalism at work, advice, friendliness and always a good atmosphere.

    pacient SCHILL

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