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Mgr. Branislav Kohan

Dental hygienist

Mgr. Branislav Kohan works as dental hygienist at Schill Dental Clinic. He has more than 8 years of experience in this field. He is characterized by a sense of detail and the fact that he likes to work in a team.

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Mgr. Branislav Kohan

“A severe periodontitis can also be managed”

During his work as a dental hygienist, he also encountered really difficult cases: “Periodontitis was severe in patient’s entire teeth. I consider it a great success that the patient still has his own teeth after the dental procedure, he is stabilized without periodontal sacs, abscesses and without inflammation. ”

He appreciates working at the Schill Dental Clinic for high expertise of the dental clinic, the quality of the services provided and the professional approach to the patient’s problems.

Mgr. Branislav Kohan v ambulancii Schill Dental Clinic v Košiciach.

He likes a satisfied client the most about his work

I am especially satisfied with the feeling of professionally done work and that patients leave the dental clinic smiling and satisfied.

“I consider dental hygiene to be a promising field of healthcare. And my own experience has confirmed to me that regular dental hygiene is really necessary in the context of dental prevention, “he concludes.

In addition to his work, he enjoys sports and hiking.

Mgr. Kohan v ordinácii dentálnej hygieny v Košiciach.

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Dentálna hygienička s pacientkou pri dentálnej hygiene.
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