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Bc. Erika Szabová

Dental hygienist

Erika Szabová is a dental preventionist at Schill Dental Clinic in Bratislava. She has extensive experience in periodontology, teeth whitening, dental hygiene and uses the Swiss approach GBT (Guided Biofilm Therapy) protocol.

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Erika keeps increasing her professionalism at scientific seminars and follows new trends in the area of dental care so that she can create an individual treatment plan for each patient.

“I focus on thoroughness, precision and understanding of the entire context of dental hygiene. One professional cleaning every 6 months is not enough, I need the patient’s cooperation in at-home care.”

As a child she had an unpleasant experience at the dentist’s office. That is why she is trying to educate her patients now, so that they do not lose their teeth prematurely.

As she claims, “no two patients are the same and you need to approach each one specifically”. She has experience with advanced periodontitis with second degree mobility, treating a patient with haemophilia A, treating a paediatric patient under general anaesthesia or treating a child with a mental disorder.

“Quality, technology and experience are the three pillars of dental care in the 21st century. You will find them at Schill Dental Clinic.”

What she likes about her work the most is the result but she is even happier when she sees the results from the patients during their subsequent visits. The fact that her patients trust her, cooperate and take care of their teeth at home is invaluable.

Apart from her work, Erika likes travelling, snowboarding, photography and she is a Marvel fan. And to top it all off, she enjoys doing make-up and eyebrow shaping using a henna technique, for which she holds a certificate.

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