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Radoslava Danková

Dental hygienist

Radoslava Danková works as a dental preventionist at Schill Dental Clinic and prefers a gentle and precise approach.

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Dentálna hygienička

Dental hygiene is team work

For Radoslava, dental hygiene is a set of non-negligible steps leading to healthier teeth: “A dental hygienist walks with you. It is ideal when you work as a team and celebrate your progress together. That is one of the reasons why I really care about instructions and patient motivation.”

She chose Schill Dental Clinic due to its comprehensive services, pleasant environment and an affable and professional approach.

Dentálna hygiena Bratislava

“I have always been fascinated by teeth”

She was always praised at her regular check-ups while in elementary school. She is precise and cares about details and that may also have been one of the reasons why she decided to study dental hygiene.

She enjoys communicating with patients the most about her work. With her work she has a real opportunity to improve the state of the oral cavity of every patient.

She considers a patient with hyperplastic gingiva with massive bleeding to be her most difficult case.

In her private life she mainly enjoys travelling.

Dentálna hygienička

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Dentálna hygienička s pacientkou pri dentálnej hygiene.
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