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Dr. Henrieta Tomášová


Dr. Henrieta Tomášová has been working at the Schill Dental Clinic for over 18 years. Her professional experience makes her not only a great dentist, but also a professional guarantor.

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Dobrá zubárka v Bratislave

“Top clinic gives you a wide range of options”

Thanks to these possibilities, it is possible to literally “create” a satisfied and smiling patient.

“We know how to take care of the patient professionally, we have the latest technologies and perfectly cooperating professional staff. All this is a guarantee of patient satisfaction,” she tells the benefits of Schill Dental Clinic.

Dobrá zubárka v Bratislave

She prefers an individual and sensitive approach

Teeth should be healthy, but they should also look aesthetically pleasing. Therefore she primarily focuses on the approach to the patient, which results in quality, painlessness and perfect aesthetics.

She considers oncological or post-traumatic conditions to be the most complicated cases.

She always wanted to be a doctor and treat people. She decided to specialize in dentistry during her studies at the Faculty of Medicine.

He spends time in private with his family and relaxes while running.

MUDr. Henrieta Tomášová

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