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Denisa Horváthová

Dental hygienist

Denisa Horváthová has been a member of Schill Dental Clinic for over 14 years. She works as a dental preventionist and prefers an individual approach to her patients.

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Denisa Horváthová

„It is important that the patient leaves with a big smile“

And that the teeth are perfectly clean. As a result of that, we can not only prevent many problems and diseases, but also treat the ones already existing. Gradually and together. “Prevention is the alpha and omega of oral health and that is why I make a point of providing detailed instructions to patients and explain to them how to take care of their teeth at home, so that they return to us only once a year for a check-up and professional cleaning.”

Dentálna hygiena Schill

“Every patient requires an individual approach”

They will get that at Schill Dental Clinic. Apart from that, they will find everything under one roof so going from a hygienist’s office to a dentist’s office or taking an X-ray takes only a few steps. We treat patients comprehensively from A to Z.

Denisa Horváthová

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Dentálna hygienička s pacientkou pri dentálnej hygiene.
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