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Dr. Alexander Schill


The founder of the Schill Dental Clinic chain in Slovakia and the Czech Republic. He is also the chief dentist with specializations in Preventative dentistry, Endodontics, Prosthesis and Implantology.

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Alexander Schill

25 years of experience and lifelong fulfillment

At the very beginning, there was one dental chair, which turned into a small workplace and later a network of 4 perfectly equipped private dental clinics. Dr. Schill has been searching for new solutions not only for demanding dental procedures, but also for clinic management.

“I consider complex dental reconstructions in physically disabled patients to be the most complicated cases. In my daily dental work, I focus on making sure the execution is perfect. Correct diagnostics, painlessness and attention to detail with the aim of the teeth looking natural are imperative,” he adds.

Primár Alexander Schill

“Work that is about meeting patients”

Therefor, a human approach is first and foremost at Schill Dental Clinic. “We have a good organisation of work, which results in a short appointment booking and overall quick resolution of problems,” Dr. Schill says.

He decided to become a dentist because his mother was also a dentist. At work, he is fulfilled by helping others, diversity and constant challenges.

In his free time he enjoys sports, traveling and cooking.

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Dentálna hygienička s pacientkou pri dentálnej hygiene.
Primár Alexander Schill
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