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Dr. Zuzana Kučerová


Dr. Zuzana Kučerová specialises in conservative dentistry and prosthetics. She has been working as a dentist since 2013.

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Each patient is individual

And they require an individual approach. The work of a dentist is never monotonous. Various human characters sit in the dental chair. “But I like it best when any human mood turns into a satisfied and smiling result thanks to me, my approach and work,” MDDr. Kučerová describes her work.

She chose Schill Dental Clinic because it provides comprehensive care at the highest level. She can provide a high standard of services and the dentists can fulfil their potential here.


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General medicine vs. dentistry

Dentistry has won and the relationship she has developed with this field continues to this day. It is the motivation that forces her to constantly move forward and never stop learning.

She considers a complex reconstruction of dentition in a difficult patient to be her most complicated case.

Outside of work, she enjoys sports, travel and spending time with family.

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