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Dr. František Hobinka


Dr. František Hobinka specialises in conservative dentistry and treats every single case with absolute respect.

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MDDr. Hobinka

“Every single case can be the most difficult if underestimated”

Therefore, he always strives to ensure that the tooth is properly treated in every aspect, but also makes the treatment as pleasant as possible for the patient.

He considers Schill Dental Clinic to be exceptional: “Because we try to practice the best medicine possible and we do not look for the difficulties of the situation.”

MDDr. František Hobinka, stomatológ v Schill Dental Clinic Bratislava.

“When I was 15, the doctor found 9 caries in my mouth”

He did not choose the profession of being a dentist by chance, he was motivated by his childhood and the fact that healthcare is their family tradition. At the same time, he has always been fulfilled by helping people. In his work, he enjoys the communication with the patient and their satisfaction after the procedure the most.

In his spare time, he remained faithful to sports, especially football and tennis, which he once played competitively.

MDDr. Hobinka v ambulancii Schill Bratislava.

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