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Dr. Soňa Majerníková


Dr. Soňa Majerníková has been a part of the Schill Dental Clinic team in Bratislava since 2005. She has been focusing on orthodontics for more than 10 years. In her work, she pays attention not only to aesthetics, but above all to improving the functionality of teeth.

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Ortodoncia Bratislava

“A good doctor must keep moving forward”

In her early days, MUDr. Majerníková focused on aesthetic dentistry, paediatric dentistry, endodontics and prosthetics. Since 2009, her steps have led to orthodontics, and three years later she defended her attestation thesis, passed the exam and obtained her specialisation in the field of orthodontics. She regularly participates in congresses, educational events and practical courses organised in Slovakia and abroad, focusing on the latest knowledge in orthodontics.

Ortodoncia Bratislava

The motivation was “not to work night shifts”

The doctor’s funny answer to the question of what attracted her to her career in dentistry. This has come true for her and in addition to the fact that MUDr. Majerníková works at a clinic in Bratislava, she also visits the Žilina branch of our clinics. “There are very few orthodontists and many patients. I would like to help and treat as many patients as possible and this is the maximum I can do.“


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