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Dr. Vladimír Strečko


Dentist, dentoalveolar surgeon, implantologist and chief physician of the Schill Dental Clinic in Košice. Dr. Strečko has not only professional dental experience, but also great dental talent, which is underlined by his communication skills.

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MDDr. Vladimír Strečko

“In a few hours we can completely change the aesthetics and functionality of the teeth”

Teeth are an important part of an overall appearance. Dental treatments can help both medically and aesthetically. People will literally regain their self-confidence in a few hours.

“I focus mainly on quality work with long-lasting results. At our dental clinic, we will find a reliable solution to almost every dental problem, ”he describes his work at the Schill Dental Clinic.

MDDr. Vladimír Strečko, vedúci lekár v Schill Dental Clinic Košice.

A fascinated dentist who understands you

He was always fascinated by the visits of his dentist, so in the end he chose the path of dentistry and not general medicine.

“I remember the sound of a turbine drill, the characteristic smell of a dental clinic and the screams of children. I always wanted to be a hero and I didn’t even suffer from any dental treatment, “he recalls of the dentist’s long-term visits.

Maybe that’s why he likes the individual psychology of a person in his job as a dentist, and that is when he manages to reduce people’s fear of dental treatment.

In addition to dentistry, he will also find time for cooking, nature, mushroom picking, guitar playing, sports and the study of Slavic languages.

Stomatológ, zubný chirurg a implantológ v Košiciach.

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