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Dental treatment under general anesthesia Peaceful treatment with no unpleasant memories

  • Pleasant treatment for those who are afraid of dentists
  • It is available also for children
  • We cooperate with experienced anaesthesiologists
  • Patients are calm and have no recollection of the procedures

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You deserve top-quality care

  • Proven methods of anesthesia
  • Experienced anesthesiologists
  • Aftercare provided

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Especially without pain

In Schill Dental Clinic we take care of painless treatment for each patient. We use modern local anesthetics with a fast onset effect, which are a guarantee not only of painless treatment, but also of the overall elimination of fear and the creation of a pleasant atmosphere.

If, in spite of everything, panic, fear, which prevents you on your way to a healthy smile, we have an excellent solution for you – treatment under general anesthesia, commonly known as narcosis.

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Schill Dental Clinic

Local anesthesia

We work with experienced anesthesiologists, and you will undergo anesthesia treatment directly at our clinic. Before general anesthesia, you will undergo examinations, which will be taken care of by our anesthesiologist.

Think of general anesthesia as deep sleep. During the treatment, your airways are protected and we monitor your condition non-stop. After waking up, you will stay in the clinic for another 2 hours under the supervision of an anesthesiologist. Without stress, we will take care of everything necessary for your new set of teeth.

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With local anesthesia it doesn’t hurt

Treatment in our clinic is pleasant and painless. With local anesthesia, you remain conscious, you perceive everything, you just don’t feel any pain at the treatment site.

We apply local anesthesia with a thin needle, very gently. So that you hardly feel its application. It takes effect very quickly, it can be injected during the treatment and after the end the effect of the anesthesia wears off quickly.

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Premedication for fearful patients

Premedication is the administration of medicine, thanks to which we remove the fear of treatment. It is suitable for both children and adults. It can be administered in the form of juice, tablets, or nasal spray.

By administering the medicine, we remove concerns, improve cooperation, and you won’t even remember the procedure. Premedication is suitable for shorter interventions, because we are limited by the duration of the drug’s effect, which is approximately 1 hour. This is enough time for our doctors to treat the patient.

You ask us

What to do before treatment in the complete anaesthesia?

You will need a pre-op exam. It is important not to eat 6 hours prior to the treatment and not to drink 4 hours prior to the treatment. Milk and juice with pulp (small pieces of fruit) are considered food.



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