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Terms and conditions for booking appointments and services

Cenník zubár Schill

We are Schill Dental Clinic Praha s.r.o., with registered office at Milevská 2095/5, Prague 4 – Krč, 140 00, ID No. 271 86 229, entered in the Commercial Register maintained by the Municipal Court in Prague, file no. C 102854.

We are delighted that you want to entrust us with the care of your beautiful and healthy smile.

If you are a new customer, please read these terms and conditions to make a binding reservation of our services.

1. How to order our services

  1. You can book our services using our online form, via email or by phone. If you send us your inquiry, we will get back to you.
  2. In our communication, we will discuss what services you are interested in and find a suitable date and professional for you.
  3. When booking an appointment, we must also book the capacity and time of our professionals. We would therefore ask you to understand that the agreed date is binding for us only after the payment of a deposit.

2. Deposit for our services

  1. The deposit for our services is CZK 500, and for its payment, please use a bank transfer.
  2. The payment details are as follows:
    Account number: 9089826001/5500
    Bank: Raiffeisenbank
    Be sure to include your name and surname in the message.
    The appointment is confirmed after the amount is credited to our account together with your name and surname in the payment message. If the amount is not credited, we cannot guarantee the place and time of service.
  3. We will credit the advance for the service payment to you once our last service has been provided (i.e., at the end of our cooperation).
  4. If you do not appear for the agreed appointment and do not properly excuse yourself from the appointment (within the time limit mentioned below), the advance payment will be forfeited as compensation for the time we reserved for you.
  5. Further services (after the deposit is included) are provided after a new deposit is paid.

3. What if you cannot come?

  1. This happens sometimes. If you contact us by phone, email or in person no later than 24hours before the booked appointment (this time does not include weekends and public holidays), you will not be charged for any costs.
  2. However, please note that you are liable for force majeure events (e.g., illness, quarantine, etc.).
  3. If we receive the apology regarding the appointment later than stated above, or we do not receive it at all, we have the right to unilaterally and fully offset the advance payment against our costs associated with place reservation.

4. Our 5-year guarantee

  1. We guarantee the quality of our work and the materials providing you follow our instructions how to look after your teeth and conditions for our 5-year guarantee.
  2. Our conditions are simple –  visit us twice a year: once for preventive checkup and once for dental hygiene. This way we will keep your teeth healthy.

5. Conclusion

  1. Our relationship is governed by Czech law.
  2. Please note that we may supplement and change these terms and conditions.

In Prague on 19. 11. 2021

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