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HealOzone™ – More air, more health!

HealOzone in Schill Dental Clinic

Ozone is responsible for the fresh air that you encounter at high elevations or right after a lightening storm. Ozone – in the form of the so called “ozone layer” – represents a natural protection of the earth from the aggressive components of solar radiation and is present in the air that we all breathe. In nature, it is naturally generated. However, we can produce it artificially, by using an electric diffuser such as the HealOzone™.

HealOzone™ is a device, using the ozone for prevention as well as for treatment. Ozone helps to kill the bacteria that cause tooth decay, gum disease and also helps to remove the unpleasant mouth odour. In case of minor cavities it is thus possible to avoid the drilling that inherently removes healthy tissue as well. Quick and pain-free HealOzone treatment removes the bacteria that are responsible for dental cavities. The procedure takes approx. 25-40 seconds per tooth. A special probe is used to apply the ozone to the damaged surface of the tooth, eliminating the bacteria responsible for dental caries.

Ozone application using the HealOzone™ system renders the optimum conditions for the restoration of the healthy, so called anti-acidic bacteria that are naturally present in our month. These bacteria protect the teeth and the oral cavity from acid substances generated by other bacteria decomposing sugar. This is very important in the prevention of the teeth demineralisation. Ozone thus supports the natural “self-cleaning” system in your mouth. Ozone also destroys the sulphur compounds rendering them odourless enabling in turn “fresh breath”. Ozone can be applied on a regular basis in order to achieve the significant reduction of the new cavities formation.

We will gladly inform you about the ozone application options at our offices.