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Aesthetic stomatology

Everyone drearns about the beautiful and flawless teeth. Surely, the parents told you in childhood that “teeth as pearls” are desirable.

White teeth of a perfect shape are not only an important sign of youth and physical health, but nowadays (which places considerable emphasis on appearance) are actually aesthetic necessity - especially in such occupations, where presentation or self-presentation before an audience is important, or in occupations which are built on frequent and intense communication with other people.

In many common social situations aesthetic defects in your teeth may have disturbing effect, and completely unnecessary.

Aesthetic dentistry plays an important role nowadays and is aimed at improving the appearance of teeth. We can help the nature and your idea of perfect-looking teeth is now possible to realize through modern methods.

The most common procedure in aesthetic dentistry is teeth whitening. Teeth whitening is a dental procedure with high aesthetic effect. The history of teeth whitening goes back to 19th century. Over the time, several whitening procedures have developed. Nowadays, teeth whitening is a common procedure – it is often considered just an cosmetic procedure.

In addition to teeth whitening, other aesthetic dental procedures include: the correction of the teeth (their position and configuration) by using composite materials and dental prosthetic treatment, porcelain veneers to correct the frontal surfaces of teeth (veneers, shells), teeth splinting and immediate prostheses by glass composites, metal-ceramic and ceramic crowns, ceramic inlays aesthetic dentures.