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Periodontal disease (disease of the tooth supporting connective tissue) is one of the most frequent problems that bring patients to the dentist’s office. Frequently, the problem presents itself with gum bleeding gums, gum inflammation, accompanied by an unpleasant mouth odour and finally with teeth loosening. All of this is a result of the presence of bacteria in the film between the tooth and the gum. With improper or inadequate oral hygiene, plaque accumulates and dental tartar forms. Hard tartar irritates the soft tissues leading to inflammation and bleeding. If the condition is not treated early, the inflammation spreads to the connective tissue supporting the tooth and weakens its attachment to the jaw bone. In the early stages, tooth loosening is very minor. However, it is rendered more significant by the creation of periodontal sacs and without professional intervention it may lead to a total loss of teeth.


SCHILL DENTAL CLINIC offers its clients a comprehensive and complete medical care for their gums and supporting connective tissue. With regular inspection of the quality of the oral cavity, through specialised training as well as by professional teeth cleaning, we strive to reduce the occurrence of one of the most frequent diseases of the today’s population –periodontal disease.


Among the treatments for the prevention of periodontal disease is surgical intervention – so called frenulectomy. The procedure involves the elimination of the strong tension of the upper or lower lip through the mucous-fibrous band. This tension has an adverse effect on the strength of the teeth setting in their socket, gradually leading to the shrinkage of the gums and reduction of the bone. In the case of the upper lip the procedure involves the removal of the frenulum between the first incisors and in case of the lower jaw the procedure is performed between the fourth and fifth tooth. Here, the situation can be complicated by a shallow vestibule. In addition to the elimination of the mucous membrane tension, the vestibule must be deepened as well.

Effective home, but especially regular professional teeth cleaning is one of the pre-requisites of the prevention of periodontal disease. If this is neglected, it is probable that tartar and bacteria that are present in the tartar will result in the formation of a deep periodontal sac, the removal of which requires a more complex dental intervention.

Key laser 3

SCHILL DENTAL CLINIC uses laser treatment - KEY LASER 3 with a special probe directing the diagnostic laser beam into the periodontal sac. Laser reflection is different from the clean surface of the tooth root compared to a surface covered by tartar. This difference is identified by the KEY LASER 3 in a fraction of a second and the tartar as well as the bacteria is eliminated via the ensuing therapeutic laser beam. The entire process is completed without any damage to the tooth or surrounding tissues.


Gingivectomy is used if the damaged gums must be removed. Dental surgery, however, offers different methods of soft tissue repair in the mouth cavity. All of these repairs result in the curing of the periodontal disease.

At the advanced stage of periodontal disease, the bone around the tooth is destroyed and the tooth becomes loose and eventually is lost. These situations once again require surgical intervention. SCHILL DENTAL CLINIC offers its patients high-quality bone replacement materials to supplement the missing bone tissue and to increase the strength of all teeth.