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Dr. Alica Kalapáčová


Dr. Alica Kalapáčová focuses on conservative dentistry. She considers an individual approach, painless treatment and patient satisfaction to be the most important.

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Zubná lekárka, Schill Dental Clinic Žilina

“My mission is to win the patient’s trust, overcome their fear and anxiety about the treatment. The patient should be leaving with high quality work done and a smile on their face.”

Becoming a dentist was Alica’s childhood dream. Even as a child, she observed all of the equipment of the dental office with astonishment. She constantly advances her knowledge by attending congresses, courses or programs so that she can use the latest procedures and technologies in her treatments.

As she claims, dentistry is the intersection of medicine and art. Schill Dental Clinic offers the patient a human approach and professional treatment using the latest technology and procedures. “

Zubná lekárka, Schill Dental Clinic Žilina

“Every patient is unique. They behave and act differently. I enjoy realising that everyone has a unique personality.”

Whether it is a bride who lost her upper lateral incisor the day before the wedding or a paediatric patient, the patient’s trust, quick and high-quality solution of the problem is the key to putting a smile on their face.

Outside of work, Alica is an active athlete. During school, she used to play volleyball and women’s soccer competitively. Today you can find her on the tennis court and in the winter on the ski slopes.

Zubná lekárka, Schill Dental Clinic Žilina

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