Ceramic fillings

Ceramic fillings are suitable for replacement of a damaged part of the tooth. Compared to ceramic crowns they are less firm, however they are very considerate towards remaining fibers as no further abrasion is necessary. They have a long durability and follow demanding aesthetic criteria.


Large tooth decay and broken tooth is the case for using ceramic filling as a replacement of the dental texture. As there is a wide scale of colors of ceramics, you will not recognize which part of the tooth is your original one and which part is the new replacement. Ceramic filling is not only fully aesthetic, but it also has great mechanical features a it is a long lasting material, which has a similar structure as the tooth itself. 

We differ from 3 sizes of ceramic fillings:

  • inlay is a filling replacing small part of the tooth
  • onlay is used to replace a bigger part of the tooth 
  • overlay is a solution for replacment of the chewing part and is used for the back teeth 

Onlay system has introduced a great advantage in ceramic fillings for the back teeth where we grind away exactly the same part as if we were preparing the tooth for any regular filling. Further steps are different, as modern CEREC technology enables us to produce a ceramic filling in few minutes. It is a long-lasting filling produced fast and attached on the prepared tooth easily without any pain. 


Veneers during one visit

At Schill Dental Clinic we are using the latest version of the CEREC system, thanks to which we can create new ceramic filling while you are waiting, during one visit. This means that you only have to visit us once and you avoid using the spoon for moulding teeth and long waiting time for your new teeth. Thanks to this technology we have created thousands of new healthy smiles done fast and with a perfect result. We follow latest developments of this system and make sure we are using latest improved technologies for best possible results in creating ceramic fillings.

Your most frequent questions

If it is not possible to repair the tooth with the classic filling, we can correct it using the ceramic filling. Or even when part of your tooth is broken, we can fix it either using the remaining part (providing it is still healthy and you kept the fraction wet and you come to see us fast) or building the missing part from the ceramic block. You will not recognize where the tooth was broken. There are several types of ceramic fillings and the doctor will choose the best one for you. All the ceramic reconstructions are done at our clinic within one visit. 

Precondition for a well fitted and long-lasting filling is the correct process of removing affected parts, preparing the environment for the new filling and detailed setting of the filling. Ceramic fillings have proven to be the most successful and durable solution. 

All old fillings can be removed and replaced either by composite or by cerami fillings, depending on how big is the are to be corrected. Porcelain (ceramic) inlays are durable and they look like your original teeth so you do not see your new filling at all as it has the same color as your tooth and we at Schill Dental Clinic create them so they look naturally. 



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