Teeth sealing

Children's teeth can be sealed. This treatment is painless.


What is teeth sealing

Teeth sealing belongs to the preventive care. This painless treatment is aimed at protecting teeth from dental decay. Teeth with deep lines are harder to clean especially for children, therefore this treatment is mostly relevant for them.

Special protection material is placed on the chewing part of the tooth (most ofhen on the back teeth). Best timing for sealing is right after children's teeth come out. The purpose of sealing is to air-lock cleaned and slightly adjusted teeth lines in order to prevent bacteria from tooth plaque to enter. This way bacteria are stopped from moving onto permanent teeth as children's teeth are sealed.  

The first and most important step is the exact diagnostics, as only healthy teeth can be sealed. The teeth which are undergoing any therapy or have a decay are not to be sealed. Sealing can protect the tooth for up to five years.


Teeth sealing process

Tooth sealing is painless. Before the sealing your tooth has to be cleaned professionally which is again a painless treatment. Clean tooth is covered with a material similar to the the composite used for white filling. Then it is hardened with a special light. The final part is fluoridation.  The tooth is fully functional and the chewing part of the tooth is smoother after the sealing. This way food remains do not get stuck on the tooth surface.



What are your most frequent questions

Chewing parts of the back teeth have uneven surface. As kids mostly do not know how to brush the teeth properly, there is danger of leaving parts of food in the lines and pores what can lead to a tooth decay development. By tooth sealing the surface becomes more even, withou lines and pores. This treatment is painless therefore chidren have a positive experience from visiting the dentist. 

We should look after them as if they were not sealed. We highly recommned a regular professional dental hygiene and a preventive exam once a year to check the sealing and also growth and status of the teeth which are not sealed.



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