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CEREC® - new teeth without waiting and without pain 

CEREC® is short for ceramic reconstruction. It is the only system in the world that enables patients to obtain all their ceramic replacements during a single visit to the dentist’s office. In the hands of a dentist, Cerec® will provide you with the option to leave the office after a single visit with a permanent ceramic crown or filling. This provides patients with a great advantage, because the entire process requires fewer injections as well as less drilling and time.

CEREC by Schill Dental Clinic

In the past, dentists had an opportunity to choose from many materials – amalgam, gold and other metals. Using the CEREC® system, your dentist can use strong and durable ceramic material with a colour shade identical to your own teeth. The mechanical properties of this ceramic material are very similar to the structure of your own teeth. This means that if you eat something warm and drink a cold drink afterwards, your tooth and the ceramic filling will expand and contract at nearly an identical rate. These modern ceramic materials provide perfect adhesion to your tooth, enabling your dentist to preserve more of the healthy tissue of your teeth.

Your dentist will inspect the tooth in question and propose a solution (simple filling or full crown - depending on the amount of the residual healthy structure of the tooth). If necessary, local anaesthetic will be applied and the damaged tissue or weak structure can be removed. The preparation procedure does not differ from any other intervention. The dentist will scan the prepared tooth using the CEREC® device. A digital camera is used to take digital images of your tooth. The entire scanning process does not take more than 2 minutes. Cerec® will assist your dentist in the reconstruction of the tooth. The Cerec® 3D software renders a virtual 3D model on the system monitor. Within a few minutes, the data describing the shape of your tooth and the missing parts are sent to a milling machine. A ceramic block (colour-matched to your tooth) is inserted in the milling machine and in 10-20 minutes the filling is milled to shape to fit your tooth. Finally, the dentist checks the fit and bite. This enables a simple one time visit to restore your tooth, without the "toothless” waiting period and without any temporary solutions to cope with. You simple obtain a fully functional and aesthetically pleasing replacement solution immediately.

This advanced technology has been available at our dental centre since 2004, we were the first centre in Slovakia to offer this solution to its client.