Which toothache remedy is the best?

First aid for a toothache depends on the problem. Teeth can hurt at any time – especially when the dental clinic is closed. And that’s why patients want a go-to solution or first aid to relieve the pain. Patients often use home remedies to relieve pain, which might not always be the right choice. With self-diagnosis and unsuitable pain relief measures, patients can cause more health problems. For acute toothache always visit a dentist.

How does the gum heal after the extraction of a tooth

Every Schill Dental Clinic dentist does everything to save a tooth. Tooth extraction is the very last option – it usually only occurs when the tooth is unhealthy and cannot be saved. But what about after a tooth extraction?

Dental cleaning: what is the cost of a dental cleaning procedure?

What is a dental cleaning procedure?

An air-flow (or dental cleaning procedure) removes pigmented stains and impurities from the tooth enamel that occur due to strongly-coloured foods such as beets, coffee, turmeric and red wine. A dental cleaning procedure is a mildly-abrasive method that removes the plaque and other impurities, thereby smoothing the natural surface of the teeth. The dental cleaning procedure eliminates pigment spots, as well as being a healthy prophylaxis against caries, periodontitis, and the mineralisation of dental plaque.

For chronic gum inflammation, a dental cleaning procedure is an appropriate part of dental hygiene and should be performed 2-4 times a year. For heavy smokers and periodontitis sufferers, a dental cleaning procedure should be performed more frequently – as agreed with a dental hygienist, who will consider the dental condition and recommend the appropriate periodicity.

Dental bridge - cost, steps, lifespan

A dental bridge can help both aesthetically and , when your teeth are damaged to such an extent that treating them is not possible and a tooth extraction is necessary.

Dental implants and what you didn’t know about them

Aesthetic and healthy teeth are an asset in our society and increase one’s self-confidence. However, an incomplete set of teeth is not just an aesthetic problem. It is also associated with health problems. As soon as you undergo the extraction (pulling) of a tooth, or it falls out itself, unwanted changes occur in the oral cavity, the dental arch, and the bones in the place of the missing tooth. The teeth adjacent to a gap tend to move towards and over time descend into it. The opposing teeth tend to grow out behind occlusal line over time, because they lack sufficient back-pressure when biting. On the bone under the missing tooth, bone loss – or atrophy – occurs as a result of reduced stress. However, a missing tooth also affects your ability to consume food or affects your articulation. These constraints may result in an uneven load on the teeth and, in particular cases of missing teeth (for example, long-term missing teeth in the back of the dental arch), can also cause jaw-cheek deformation. The solution is dental substitutes, including dental implants.

Teeth whitening at home - what to avoid?

Teeth whitening by a professional can be more expensive than teeth whitening at home, but is it really worth it? Healthy teeth, beautiful teeth and white teeth – this should be the correct sequence in terms of our dental priorities. Everyone should want teeth like this, but the reality is we usually want white first, then beautiful, followed by healthy teeth in last place. To save money and get the effect they want, most people choose a less expensive home teeth whitening solution. In this article, we’ll take a look at how people actually use this solution.

Dental prosthesis – everything you need to know

Dental prostheses have long been available for patients of all ages. They provide an affordable alternative to dental implants. As with nearly all prosthetic dental prostheses, a dental prosthesis can fulfil both the aesthetic and functional replacement of healthy teeth, both temporarily and in the long term. Unfortunately, it is not a full substitute for missing teeth, as with dental implants. Dental clinics now focus more than ever on preserving the original teeth. For this reason, even only part of the missing teeth can now be fixed with a prosthesis, and the rest need not be extracted.

Aphthae in the mouth: when and why it appears

Do you have a little white-headed blister in your mouth that just won’t go away? Is there also a burning and penetrating pain? Well, you probably don’t want to hear this – but this combination indicates aphtha. Aphthae was first described way-back in Ancient Greece, and today is among the most frequent problems of the oral cavity. This inflammatory disease most often occurs on the surface of the oral mucosa, with children and working-age people most at risk. The cause is unknown and treatment for this type of thrush can be lengthy.

Periostitis and its symptoms

Swelling of the face, abscess, constant pressure between the teeth, fever and unbearable, deep, dull and hard-to-locate pain. That’s how patients often describe periostitis. In the case of inflammation of the periosteum, the attending dentist should be consulted promptly to set up a treatment program.  Under no circumstances do we recommend treating periostitis with home remedies!

Dental braces: better late than never

Dental braces help patients in the case of a diagnosed anomalies of the teeth and jaw positions. Dental braces can improve your smile, facial aesthetics, and even your quality of life (easier eating, improved speech, periodontal health, etc.). Dental braces are categorised according to their removability, visibility and their material. Treatment settings are decided by an orthodontist based on the patient's clinical examination, x-ray images and study casts prepared on the basis of the patient's impressions.



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